Many students, staff, and faculty have expressed an interest in working with the Benebikira School in Rwanda after the October 3, 2012 visit to our campus of the school’s Director, Sister Anna Beata Murekatete, and its Mother General, Sister Thierry Dominique.

Students at the Benebikira School, Kigali, Rwanda

If you would like to get involved with the school, a variety of ways of doing so are described in full on the Benebikira Sisters Foundation website at

Some of these include:

  • Donate $50 to support tuition for one child at the school for one year. Visit above website or click here.
  • Volunteer at the school for 3 to 10 months. You will have to raise your own airfare (approx. $2,000) and pay for lodging ($500 per month). The school will provide meals. Contact Sister Anna.
  • Arrange to go and conduct fieldwork at the school. Contact Sister Anna or John Wall.
  • Join the organization’s mailing list by clicking here.

In addition, you are invited to join or help organize a fundraising campaign on the Rutgers-Camden campus. Contact John Wall.


Sister Anna Beata Murekatete, a Roman Catholic Nun of the Benebikira Sisters (Daughters of the Virgin Mary), Director of Notre Dame des Anges K-12 private school in Kigali, Rwanda, and Founder/Director of New Life in Christ Pastoral Program for Healing and Reconciliation

Sister Thierry Dominique, Mother General of the Benebikira Sisters, Director for its Continued Training Center, and President of ISR, the Inter Congregation Institute for Religious Studies in Butare, Rwanda.



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