Paul Ricoeur and Contemporary Moral Thought cover

John Wall, William Schweiker, and David Hall, eds

New York: Routledge 2002 (paperback 2016)

The purpose of this book is to explore and propose new avenues for contemporary moral thought. The wide array of scholars who have contributed their voices to this work are bound together by common concerns and a sense of the moral possibilities and demands confronting us. At the center of this inquiry stands a figure. Uniting the essayists is the attempt to define and assess for ethics the significance of the writings of French philosopher Paul Ricoeur. While individual contributions often reach beyond Ricoeur’s work and sometimes are at odds with his thought, the authors are one with him in a spirit of exploration about what matters most to persons and how best to sustain just communities.


“[A]n impressive edition that contributes not only to our understanding of Ricoeur’s work but also to contemporary debates in normative philosophy.”
– Journal of the American Academy of Religion

“The Wall, Schweiker and Hall volume springs from a conference on Ricoeur’s ethics held at the University of Chicago. As it is a conference at which Ricoeur was in attendance, there is a much more respectful tone toward Ricoeur’s work, but as with Ricoeur’s decade in Cérisy, there is little fawning, but rather an atmosphere of collegial freedom amongst the participants to appropriate Ricoeur’s insights into their own projects. It is a credit to Ricoeur and his work that he engenders so many conversation partners but so few disciples.”  – Boyd Blundell, Boston College, Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory


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